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Our particular niche is adding value to existing structures and property by taking projects of all sizes from start-to-finish. As a general contractor, we offer a variety of services, but at this current time we do not plan to compete with large scale home building crews. Many of these companies’ main priority is to crank out new construction homes as quickly as possible. We have a different philosophy that allows us to give our customers extra time, care, attention, and most importantly, quality. 

"Jacob was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone."

Shara White - Carpentry Customer



Painting is best when its part of an overall plan. Most painters will paint right over that rotting fascia or trim or have to work around it. We can remove, replace, and paint. Interior and exterior. 



Interior, exterior, structural, and finish work. Quality work on any scale. Additions, porches, decks, carports, windows, doors, flooring, and siding.  



You don't know what you will find behind that wall and costs are very difficult to predict on remodels. Many contractors avoid them for that reason. We enjoy the challenge. Contact us for free estimate.



Have a rental property that needs general maintenance? Maybe you would rather go golf than remove the moss from your roof? We do monthly, seasonal, or on-call maintenance. 

"Some things I particularly appreciated: They worked with us to decide on the color scheme; they would paint the back of our house with a particular palette, let us sit with it, tweak the color, and paint again. I REALLY appreciated their patience and diligence with us. Also, his crew demonstrated rock-solid professionalism: they showed up, did the work, and left. HIGHLY recommended."

Grant Simmons - Paint Customer

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