Understanding what our company does can be a little confusing because we are not a conventional construction company, real estate brokerage, or property manager. We are actually a hybrid of all three of these businesses. To help explain how I have come to be competent with all three of these aspects, let me explain my story.  


My name is Jacob Bult, and I am the owner and operator of Bult Property Solutions. I moved from a suburb of Chicago to Sandpoint rather suddenly in 2009. This move was prompted by an offer I made on a 4-unit apartment building with retail frontage that I honestly never thought would get accepted. But, they accepted it, and I had 30 days to move to Sandpoint. 


I lived in the units as I remodeled them, used the closest gas station for a bathroom at times, and slept next to my tools and sawdust. Fast forward several years and I now own multiple buildings, each of which I have remodeled myself. Along the way, I got my real estate and contractors license, which really helped me streamline the process and save a ton of money for myself and my clients. It has become a great pleasure to me to be able to share my experience to benefit others as a Realtor, contractor, and landlord. This breadth of experience has led to the differentiation between Bult Property Solutions and other companies that do just one of the things we do: we understand the whole process, see the big picture, and get stuff done quickly, affordably, and with no middle man. So while we are able to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills, we can also keep costs low, maintain a more personal relationship with all of our clients, and make sure every aspect of the buying, selling, and adding of value are personalized to each individual’s needs.